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ZOEYI seeks investment and business opportunities in the rapidly growing fitness, yoga, nutrition and wellness space across Asia.  Established in Singapore in 2020, ZOEYI’s business development and strategy is led by Cora Lee, an ex-investment banker and recognized wellness expert, advanced yoga teacher and certified nutrition coach.

ZOEYI Limited (Cayman) and ZOEYI Pte Ltd (Singapore) are affiliates of the EXS Capital Group ( 


ZOEYI provides expertise, relationships and advice to corporates and investors related to the fitness, yoga, nutrition and wellness space.  ZOEYI is currently advising the EXS Capital Group, helping to originate and evaluate such opportunities, particularly for the EXS-sponsored EPIC VCC Fund.



Through provides in person and online coaching to yoga teachers, particularly mentoring to new and developing teachers, advising women on achieving their own health and fitness goals, and to help people build their fitness and wellness career.


Offers other professional services and direct instruction in partnership with leading fitness and wellness businesses in Asia.  Cora is currently teaching at Pure Yoga Singapore.  She leads ZOEYI’s collaborations with local partners, seeking to build community, increase awareness and promote health and wellness in Singapore and across Asia.  We are always open to new ideas and partnerships.




Cora Lee
Head of Strategy & Business Development

Cora is the Head of Strategy & Business Development and a Director of ZOEYI Pte. Ltd. (Singapore).  As part of ZOEYI’s core business, she advises the EXS Capital Group and the EPIC VCC Fund, originating and evaluating potential opportunities and potential partners.


Cora has over 7 years of experience in the fitness and wellness business.  She has been teaching yoga since 2017.  Through ZOEYI, she provides professional services in partnership with leading fitness and wellness business in Asia and offer person and online coaching though


Prior to her involvement in wellness, Cora worked as an investment banker; Vice President at Deustche Bank and Sales Specialist at Bloomberg LP in Hong Kong, where she performed sales, marketing and training for fund managers and hedge funds on electronic training, marketing strategies and client relations.


Cora was educated in the University of British Columbia in Business Administration. 


Professional Qualifications and Certifications


  • Advanced 300 hours Vinyasa Yoga Training with Jason Crandall 2022

  • 300-Hrs WildLotus Advanced Teacher Training with Patrick Creelman 2017

  • 200-Hrs Foundation Teacher Training with Patrick Creelman 2015

  • AntiGravity™ Fitness Fundamentals 1&2, Aerial Yoga 1&2, AG Restorative, Suspension Fitness 2015-17

  • Dharma Wheel Yoga TT with Raquel Vamos & DovVargas 2015 

  • 15-Hrs Anatomy Course with Martin Kirk 2016

  • Flyyoga™ Instructor Basic, Flow 1 and Flow 2 Nov 2015

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certificate 2019 

  • Stanford Online Nutrition Science Certificate 2018


EXS is an independent investment firm dedicated to Asia Pacific with offices in the Cayman Islands, Hong Kong and Singapore, led by Eric Solberg, a 30-year Asia investment veteran.

EXS sponsors private equity investments into operating real estate businesses in partnership with expert management teams, either local developers or sector specialists, with the goal of building high-valuation market leaders. A highly differentiated strategy and fund structure allows closer long-term partnerships with management, counter-cyclical approach, longer term multi-stage investments and ultimately higher expected realizations and returns.

Various members of EXS are licensed with the Monetary Authority of Singapore for Fund Management, the Hong Kong Securities & Futures Commission for Advising on Securities, Advising on Corporate Finance and Asset Management, the Hong Kong Estates Agents Authority for Real Estate Brokerage and registered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.

The EXS Property Innovation Concepts ("EPIC") VCC Fund provides investors the advantages of an onshore Singapore fund that is managed by a regulated manager and entered into the List of Restricted Schemes maintained by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, while allowing investors the flexibility to invest on either a deal-by-deal or managed basis. Within the fund, EXS works on partnerships with "new economy", technology forward, “OpCo / PropCo” real estate businesses including fitness & wellness, hospitality, co-living, flexible offices, education, senior living and more. 



ZOEYI Limited

190 Elgin Avenue, George Town

Grand Cayman KY1-9008

Cayman Islands


15/F, 71 Robinson Road

Singapore 068895

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